Prayers board


Pray that the Lord would continue to call young men and women to full-time Christian service in France, which needs nearly 1,000 workers. Pray that God would lead these young adults to enroll in our program and trust Him to meet their needs as they study.

Summer pastoral seminar

Pastors from all around France will converge on the Bible Institute June 6-8, 2016 to study the subject of the role of women in the local church. Pray for a good number of attendees and that they will be fortified from the Scriptures to face issues related to this subject in their local churches

Staff positions

Pray that the Lord would continue to lead qualified men and women to help us in this ministry. We are looking in particular for people with administrative skills and qualified to teach in the areas of Theology, Music and New Testament Greek).

Building program

“I.B.P.B. is entering a new stage in its building program. The first stage was the purchase of a student dorm building. That is now completed.  The second stage is the purchase of the educational-library building, which will be terminated in early 2016.  Pray for the architect as he finishes the plans for its remodeling and then for the funds to do the work.  We hope to begin that work in the summer of 2016.