IBPB exists as a fellowship of many Christians interested in taking the Gospel to the world. It’s a wonderful, God-inspired, partnership of churches and individual believers on nearly every continent of the globe. We’d like to invite you to join our partnership. There are a number of ways that you can help us make an eternal impact through training national pastors and missionaries.

Become a prayer partner
Nothing is more beneficial to us than the faithful prayers of God’s people, and this is a ministry to which the Lord invites everyone! Faith, not youth, strength, or wealth is the primary criteria for this service. We invite you to click on our Prayer Board regularly, download its praise and prayer items, and make praying for IBPB your daily ministry.

Become a consultant
Most of us who work at IBPB are trained in evangelism, church planting and Bible teaching. Our ministry often leads us, however, into areas in which we have little competence: construction, computers, organisational techniques, internet, etc. It would be wonderful to have a team of specialized consultants to advise us in these and other specialized areas.
The Lord has allowed you to gain training and competence in an area that you may never have thought could have an eternal missions impact. We can only offer back to the Lord what we’ve got, and all that we have should be dedicated to Him. Now’s your opportunity to make a difference! Write us, telling us of your area of expertise, and we’ll put you on our list of volunteer consultants. Thanks !

Invest in training a future national worker
National believers have the potential of making a greater impact for Christ in their country than foreign missionaries. They know the language and culture better, have extended circles of contacts, and often understand better how to overcome local resistance. Travel into their home country is obviously easier as well. But finances are often one of the greatest obstacles they face to getting a quality biblical education.
Their unsaved families are often unsupportive, and their local churches small and unable to help. Job opportunities are not nearly as good as in the States. It’s a testimony to the Lord’s grace and the generosity of many donors that our students are able to complete their studies. Wouldn’t you like to share in that joy and potential?
A year at IBPB costs about $4,500 or $500 a month. One-time gifts, as well as monthly commitments, in whatever amount, are greatly appreciated. Your tax-deductible gifts can be easily sent to the Algrange French Bible Institute fund at Baptist Mid-Missions, P.O. Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 49331-0811. In behalf of our students, thanks!

Support the Institute
Day-to-day running and maintenance of the Institute building is covered by student fees, but major projects require outside help. IBPB has embarked on an exciting building project to help us meet enrolment and program growth, as well as take advantage of the new technologies for on-site and eventually distance learning. Evangelical churches in France are rising to the challenge and vision and so can you! Every gift, large or small, would be appreciated. Perhaps you’d like to make a regular gift for this project. It would also make an excellent goal for a Sunday School class, youth group, ladies’ group or missions conference.
Have questions? We welcome them! Want to help? Send your tax-deductible gifts to the Algrange French Bible Institute fund at Baptist Mid-Missions, P.O. Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 49331-0811.