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Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, the next phase of our building program will be able to be completed without taking out a loan. This involves the purchase of our educational and library building.

Year-end evangelism project

The student body takes a trip every year to help a local church in its regular activities and evangelism program. It’s an encouragement to the church and a great learning experience for the students. This year we went south into the Vosges Mountains where the students helped distribute gospel literature, lead a youth meeting and direct the Sunday morning worship service. Your investment with us in prayer and giving is not only training a new generation of Christian workers for the French-speaking world, but also helping established churches as they minister to their communities.

Training seminar

The French Pastoral Baptist Bible Institute recognizes that in today’s face-paced world it is increasingly difficult and important for pastors to stay up with all the unbiblical trends in the world. That is particularly true in a country like France where few pastors have the opportunity to study beyond a 3-year Bible Institute program. That’s why we organize an annual continuing education seminar. The 2016 seminar will take place June 6-8 and treat the subject of the role of women in the local church.